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Foldy works the kinks out by bitching and whining about The Last Airbender

  • ZClare

    Actually from what I’ve heard he wasn’t to blame for all of it, I mean he still is to blame for a lot. The writing is all him. I think it was an AMA done with one of the crew, apparently the executives kept making decisions that hamstrung the production. Such as choosing the actress for Katara based on a fiends daughter which lead to the white washing of her and Sokka (cause the needed to look alike). Then when they noticed they had whitewashed everyone they decided to get an PoC for Zuko, and since Slumdog Millionaire was big they were able to have a name actor in a role. Which then lead to every member of the fire nation being cast as Indian.

    By the end of the production Shyamalan was so beat down with everything that no one really cared about the project anymore. Making what would have been a bad movie (nothing was going to save that script) into the complete trainwreck.

    The info was published on AvatarSpirit.Net (which I’m not a member of) and then republished somewhere, unfortunately I can’t find the republished info.

  • Mat11dwfan

    the only good thing this movie did was make me watch the show.

  • TheBrett

    Aang going into the Avatar state and freezing him and Appa would have been an excellent cold open into this film if it had been done by a competent director. Then have the title drop, Katara talking about how the Fire Nation attacked and the Avatar went missing, and then the start in the Southern Water Tribe.

    What’s extra maddening about this film is that, watching it, I could almost see how a competent writer/director/producer could have pulled it off with gusto. But it’s so messed up by Shymalan’s apparent inability to write a film that isn’t a collection of contrivances that only holds together as long as you don’t look at it too hard, and his over-reliance on voice-overs.