Episode Description

Happy V-Day! The Maven offers up a shameless love letter to an awesome vampire in an awful movie.

  • Scott Levine

    I love the idea of Lesat using reality tv as a medium in
    2002, when Survivor was in its prime. In 2015 I imagine Lestat using
    Youtube to gain his fame. Youtube leads to TV,(The Fine Bros: Kids React) TV
    leads to Film (anyone who started on a soap opera) Films leads to State
    Office (The Governator, ) State office leads to Presidency (Reagan) Presidency
    leads to having the Constitution rewritten to take away the two term limit.
    With that done Big L can rule the world through ruling USA. WHEW.

    Keep up the great work and I hope you branch out into some of
    the other TV based vampire works, like Forever Knight, which made it possible
    for Angel to work, or the Blade sequels and the horrid dog turd that was Blade
    3. Or even the Laurel K Hamilton books,the early ones before they became straight Vampire erotica.

    Zooftig (its Yiddish for chubby) Scott