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  • 106: Iron Man 3

    106: Iron Man 3

    11/19/2014 7:45

    Tony Stark: Not just Iron Man any more. In this episode, Sursum Ursa discusses the crumbling of Tony's hypermasculine ideal to reveal someone who's actually…kind of great.

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  • 105: Thor The Dark World

    105: Thor The Dark World

    11/05/2014 5:54

    Ursa's not the keenest on The Dark World, so she's getting it out of the way before getting onto the good Avenger movies of MCU Phase 2. We talk Loki, being good in bits and pieces, and why cruelty to the shellshocked isn't funny.

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  • 104: Galaxy Quest

    104: Galaxy Quest

    10/22/2014 6:59

    This week: Galaxy Quest! Which is to say: belief, placebo, Thermians, Jason Nesmith as totally-not-William-Shatner, and the most affectionate Star Trek parody ever.

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  • Extra: Q&A

    Extra: Q&A

    10/09/2014 10:25

    In this, the week where Jill has been sorting out yet another new house, she answers your questions. Or explains it all. Like Clarissa.

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  • 103: Labyrinth (2nd Look)

    103: Labyrinth (2nd Look)

    09/24/2014 8:55

    Once more into the dance, magic dance of adolescent metaphors, dear friends. Ever just want to go back and talk about stuff again? Stuff, perhaps, that You Like? Well, this is 2nd Look, and Ursa's feeling metaphorical.

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  • Women & Geek Culture: Jill Bearup & Sofie Liv

    Women & Geek Culture: Jill Bearup & Sofie Liv

    09/13/2014 14:13

    Highlights from the Women and Geek Culture Panel at ALCon 2014, with Sofie Liv and Jill Bearup.

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  • 102: Stardust

    102: Stardust

    09/11/2014 6:18

    This week we discuss Movie!Tristan, Boring Normal Guy Heroes, fantastical characters, and why Tristan fails as our Harry Potter-esque Everyman With A Destiny. Also Robert DeNiro wears some really interesting dresses.

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  • 101: Clueless

    101: Clueless

    08/28/2014 8:37

    This week: Cher as proto-Elle Woods, struggling through Emma, class struggle IN Emma, and overuse of the word "curmudgeon".

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  • 100: Frozen

    100: Frozen

    08/14/2014 9:01

    In this episode: princesses, knights and queens, Linkara, Jackula, and some of the reasons Frozen was so insanely popular. Also Ursa breaks into song. Because how else would you expect her to celebrate her 100th episode?

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