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  • 113: Star Wars Episode 1: The Fandom Medley

    113: Star Wars Episode 1: The Fandom Medley

    02/18/2015 7:41

    What does Ursa think of The Phantom Menace? Why are the Star Wars Prequels in a Stuff You Like episode at all? What is Moosebutter? What is fandom? Who originated the phrase, "Jar Jar, you're a genius!" and made me believe it? And exactly what is Darths and Droids? Some of these questions will be answered in this very episode! Some are mysteries for the ages. LINKS! Darths and Droids: John Williams is the man: (click at the top to listen) DM of the Rings:

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  • 111: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    111: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    02/04/2015 9:15

    Riddle me this, Marvel fans: what do Captain America movies tell you about being a man? It's a friendship and teamwork extravaganza, don't you know.

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  • 110: Zombies, Run! (Part 2)

    110: Zombies, Run! (Part 2)

    01/21/2015 5:09

    Today! A more personal sort of misattribution, why Zombies, Run! fans love Sam Yao, and a personal theory on why they're the chillest fandom ever.

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  • 109: Zombies, Run! (Part 1)

    109: Zombies, Run! (Part 1)

    01/07/2015 5:38

    IN THIS EPISODE: An actual kind of…review thing, for a change, of an app which gets you to run away from zombies in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Which is one way of getting people to exercise. Right?

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  • 108: Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

    108: Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

    12/17/2014 7:40

    The Discworld! Terry Pratchett! Sky One! A miniseries that is (mostly) gorgeous, main characters who are (mostly) brilliant, and a three hour miniseries that should have been shorter. But still, Death is in it. And he's wonderful. Also we talk about hero/villain shipping.

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  • 107: The Liaden Universe

    107: The Liaden Universe

    12/03/2014 5:29

    Do you like books? Me too! In this week's episode we discuss the Liaden Universe: What is it? Would you like it? What's with the TM? and we do an if-then on the various series within it, and which of them you might like. Also we laugh at hilarious 90s-esque cover art. Because that's never not funny.

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  • 106: Iron Man 3

    106: Iron Man 3

    11/19/2014 7:45

    Tony Stark: Not just Iron Man any more. In this episode, Sursum Ursa discusses the crumbling of Tony's hypermasculine ideal to reveal someone who's actually…kind of great.

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  • 105: Thor The Dark World

    105: Thor The Dark World

    11/05/2014 5:54

    Ursa's not the keenest on The Dark World, so she's getting it out of the way before getting onto the good Avenger movies of MCU Phase 2. We talk Loki, being good in bits and pieces, and why cruelty to the shellshocked isn't funny.

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  • 104: Galaxy Quest

    104: Galaxy Quest

    10/22/2014 6:59

    This week: Galaxy Quest! Which is to say: belief, placebo, Thermians, Jason Nesmith as totally-not-William-Shatner, and the most affectionate Star Trek parody ever.

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